About Erik Linton

Erik W Linton was born and raised along the Wasatch front in Utah. His artwork was largely influenced by the mountains near his home where he would spend much of his leisure time. In the foothills near his home, remnants of the Indian civilizations that existed there as little as a century ago are marked on the jagged cliffs of the canyons and buried in the soil of the valley.

At age 19 Erik lived in Peru for two years as an LDS missionary where he came to know and love the people and cultures from the coast of the Peruvian Pacific to the basin of the Amazon jungle. Erik began experimenting with scratchboard when he returned from Peru and resumed his studies in Political Science and International Development. Many of Erik’s scratchboard studies have political undertones of the injustices experienced by different groups of people from Black Americans during the emancipation to American Indians. His most recent works are influenced by a research project that he undertook in the Putumayo region of the Amazon Jungle where he personally observed the influence of modern industry on tribal cultures and the political issues of the indigenous people there. His recent scratchboard studies include people from various tribes in the Amazon region dressed in their traditional clothing and decorations. Many of the proceeds from his artwork have been used for the benefit of the tribes which he studied.

Linton art is a rare blend of meaningful subject matter and exquisite detail that gives his pieces a candid photograph-like quality.